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Windows 101: Three ways to personalize your PC background

Personalize your PC backgrounds to express your personality with a picture worth a thousand words. If a thousand's not enough, create a slideshow.

Make Windows easier to see: bigger text and mouse pointer

Make text bigger and change the size and color of your mouse pointer to see Windows better.

Windows 10 accessibility features empower everyone

Windows 10 accessibilities features are at the core of the system thanks to Windows Accessibility (a.k.a Input for everyone) team.

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Manage virtual desktop like a pro in Windows 10

Looking to divvy up daily projects to better focus on what you need to accomplish? Virtual desktop in Windows 10 to the rescue!

Minimize distractions with Windows 10 Focus assist

No distractions, no problem. Focus assist helps keep your focus on the task at hand.

Windows 101: Unleash Windows superpower with right click

Behold, the power of the right click! Unleash your potential for productivity with right click in Word, PowerPoint, or Edge.