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Cloud clipboard: Copy & paste across your Windows 10 devices

Windows 10 clipboard saves your copy history in the cloud.

Meet Daniel: Building better communities

Known as a cookie man around Microsoft hallways, Daniel Moore build communities at work and beyond.

Windows 101: Windows Calculator for easy length conversions

Need to convert centimeters into yards, feet, or inches? Try the Length converter in Windows Calculator.

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Keep your Windows computer healthy with periodic checkups

Got a new device and want it to last? Follow these steps to keep your device in shape.

Safeguarding your computer with Windows 10 in S mode

More playtime, less stress. Windows 10 in S mode keeps it simple. Access any app you want in Microsoft Store without ever worrying about security. 

Things to know about Windows 10 upgrade

Decided to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10? Here are a few things to consider.