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Who we are

Windows Community takes you behind the scenes at Windows, to connect you with the people who make it, show how your favorite parts come together, and share expert ideas on how to get the most out of using Windows.

Intro to Windows Community

Be part of the Windows Community! Anita George, Windows Community program lead, shares what it's about.

Explore Windows Community

Keep current on Windows Community on Facebook and Instagram, our YouTube channel, and here on the Windows Community website. Check out what the community is saying, and join the conversation.

For technical support issues

Windows Community is not a customer support channel. If you encounter issues with Windows, please visit the Microsoft Support site to get online technical support, or call 1-877-696-7786 to contact a Microsoft support agent.

Depending on your location, you can schedule an appointment with the Answer Desk at a Microsoft Retail Store, to get in-person support.

Windows Community is not an early-adopter program. If you would like to get pre-released builds of Windows to evaluate, please join the Windows Insider Program.

NOTE: Users in China might not be able to access Windows Community videos due to regional restrictions (YouTube is blocked in China). We are working on a solution to allow our videos to reach all users. Thank you for your patience and understanding.