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mike h

3 months ago

3D Builder - Has Development Ceased?

I am a big fan of 3D Builder although not for 3D printing but because it can export in file formats compatible with game engines like Unity. I like its non-technical approach and think it is a great option for indie developers to make 3D models for their games. There are a few features I really wish Microsoft would add. 1. More built in primitive shapes. 2. A symmetry option for the Split tool, so you can have a mirrored split effect. 3. Option to export to fbx. Right now you export to the 3mf file format and then open in Paint 3D to convert to fbx. Would like to skip the Paint 3D step. 4. Export scaling options. Objects are either way too big or way too small when exporting to Unity. Give us some control. 5. A real time etching tool. Since 3D Builder already takes a carving approach to modeling (split tool and subtract tool), I think an etching tool would complement that approach. Also, promote this app to game developers. I found it quite by accident.