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*Edited 2 months ago

A suggested Update To The New "News & Interest" Feature

Hello Members, I've had a chance to explore the New "News And Interest" feature for awhile now, and so far I Really Enjoy It πŸ‘. However I'm just wondering if Microsoft would or could Implement a way so that once we open the feature by clicking on it we could also "Resize" the open pop up by grabbing the side of the window with our mouse. By doing so, I think we would be able to regain some valuable screen real estate by placing the little news articles boxes One on Top of the other instead of two side by side. πŸ€” PS... Yes! I've just finished sending MS Feedback on this suggestion. I'm Just curious what you may think about this Idea?...Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― 😊 Like/Dislike?