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*Edited a month ago

A Tip Before The Upcoming Windows 10 21H1 Update❗

Hello Everyone, From what I've read, the Windows 10 21H1 will be release soon. I have "NO" official release date yet, Only that it will be "Very Soon Now". Okay so now for the tip. Right Now while we are all waiting patiently for Windows 10 21H1 arrival, It is the Perfect Time to do a Complete Hard Drive Disk Image to some sort of external media or cloud. I use a External Hard drive for mine and it works out very nicely. But what ever media you use or prefer the Tip is to have a Complete Working Disk Image of your OS drive just incase of a unforeseen problem, should one arise. Because you never know, and this way you are protected. I Hope This Helps And Everything Goes Smoothly As Always 👍😊 How many of you Keep a Current Disk Image of Your OS Drive?..