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David Jeffers

*Edited a year ago

Ability to create Local Account Removed from OOBE in 1903

Yesterday I attempted to set up my PC but during the New PC setup the computer refused to allow me to set up the computer with a local account, and it forced me to log-in to my Microsoft account to set up the PC. I even called MS support and told this was an intentional change and the only way around it was to login to the MS account, and then remove the MS account after I got into windows. I was able to work around this by temporarily disconnect my house's internet, and at that point it allowed me to create a local account, but it's absurd that the first time set up is now FORCING people to set up a MS account linked to their computer. I understand that MS wants to put pressure on people to do it that way, but TOTALLY REMOVING the option to create a local account is a low blow. I often reset my PC to help clear out the junk and get it running fresh, and I prefer to set up my PC as a local account during set up so I can specify what my user folder is named, and get a chance to disable some system apps like Skype that I don't want to run before I log into my MS account. (ps, since I'm not sure if OOBE is a real term or something I made up, it's short for Out Of Box Experience, the first time set up wizard that windows puts you through the first time it boots after installing windows or resetting windows.)