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Les Bishop

6 months ago

ACSR Recovery of my Primary Microsoft Account

I hope this tip works for all the frustrated people like I was after trying multiple time to recover my Account. There is a way, but first scan your driving licence, passport and Birth Certificate. Have them ready so you can upload them as quickly as possible after you have been denied your last attempt of the ACSR FORM to prove who you are. Scroll to the bottom of their reply and hopefully you will find as I did a small email box, quickly open the box and type a short message stating that you don't know what else you can do to prove who you are, except uploading proof of your driving licence etc after submitting the email I did get a message that they were unable to answer my reply as there was no one in the office at that time. I was disappointed thinking sod it. The next morning, although I did not get a reply to say I had recovered my Account behold there was my original blocked Microsoft Account on my sign in page all ready to go. Now maybe because I had submitted my original Primary Account email address, along with the password and also purchased Microsoft Office, this helped but then again I was originally refused. I hope it works for you but I can't guarantee this. Best of Luck!