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Michael Higham

*Edited 3 months ago

Adding This PC as an icon to the desktop

To view your disk drives connected to your PC, you can add This PC as an icon to the desktop. Here's how: 1. Press WINDOWS LOGO + R. 2. Type "control desk.cpl,,0" (without the quotation marks) and press ENTER. 3. Click to check the This PC box, and then click OK. Or, press WINDOWS LOGO + E, and then, in the navigation pane, which is to the left, drag the This PC icon to the desktop, and a shortcut to it will be created. You can also pin This PC to the Start Menu. Here's how: > Press WINDOWS LOGO + E, right-click This PC in the navigation pane, and then click Pin to Start. The This PC tile will now be in the Start Menu for anytime access.