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9 months ago

Advanced Gpu Scheduling isn't avalible on DCH intel

Why does this matter? Because I want my Surface Pro 7 to have increased performance on multiple tasks. I know this might sound akward, but one of the most important features of windows 10 2004 in my opinion, is Advanced Gpu Scheduling. But regardless, intel still hasn't given a update for Advanced Gpu Scheduling, and it's really annoying how we have to wait for this feature to come, yet nvidia has it and it's great. Espically on the first generation ryzen, where it can become a hassle when multitasking to a extreme.(Multiple videos out, spotify, other things out, and perhaps a game in the background.) (There are a few issues with it though, sometimes it can causes some freezes temporarily.)(Also using a RTX2060 Super, with a ryzen 1600cpu, M.2. SSD OS drive.) I'm just wondering how many people want this to come asap, espically on intel graphics.(I think it would help signifcantly and offload the reliance on intel turboboost.)