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Aeries Daryll Jocson

*Edited 4 months ago

After windows update, Auto repair shows on bootup

so there's an automatic update downloaded on my laptop, specifically the 2020-12 cumulative update for windows 10 version 2004 for x86-based systems (KB4592438). I shut down my laptop, and it was automatically updated. Later i opened the laptop, It shows on boot screen 'Preparing Automatic Repair' i waited and it shows that it failed, i restarted the system but it is still the same (it failed). I searched on the net on the things that i can do, I treied startup repair and some things on Command prompt, yet i didn't work. then I did the system restore thing, waited an hour then my pc booted up fine. once im inside the system, it shows that some apps are not working (its fine cause they are just bloatwares), but the update was prompted again to the laptop. I saw that it was already downloaded again (since i am not pausing updates) and just waiting for computer to restart ('pending restart'). I am now scared to shut down or restart the laptop because i might not be able to fix the problem if it happens again. Can you give me some tips on what to do, is there any problem with this update? UPDATE: I clicked restart and update. The pc restarted, but the windows update is still in there. The same 2020-12 update. I paused now the update (the 7 day option) and shut down the laptop. I hope it will be okay cause i badly need it to work.