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Cheeezy Toes

2 years ago

All Detected Networks Stuck on Connect Automatically

Several days ago I got a new router from Xfinity (Arris TG1782g). My brother noticed immediately on his laptop (running Win 7) that when he clicks the Internet Access icon in the Task Bar, every single detected network in the area has Connect Automatically checked. We live in a densely populated city and there are a LOT of detected networks. I noticed a few moments ago that my PC running Win 10 Pro also has very single Connect Automatically box checked. Most are secured networks but some are not. I can uncheck them all but they revert back to checked immediately. There is no option to 'forget' any of the networks listed and I can't find a setting to uncheck or remove them. I also cannot find a user manual anywhere online for the new router, nor can I find anything in the router's settings that covers my issue. I do not have this issue with my Apple and Android devices. It's only Windows.