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Matthew Carven

2 months ago

Allow users to see Cpu/Disk/Net activity during Windo Update

When the windows update experience locks you out of using your mouse pointer and taskmanager you no longer have sufficient data to know if an installation has hung on old/unreliable hardware and as such users may cut power to the system in these cases, by providing cpu usage/disk activity/network activity/battery remaining you provide users with a way to see if anything is happening and improve the windows update experience by allowing users to inspect their hardware and make more informed choices before taking any drastic measures such as cutting power to the system. the one thing I hate most about the windows update experience is not being able to see whats going on activity wise on my system. During normal usage I have a hard disk indicatior software that informs me if anything is thrashing the drive and I terminate anything that uses to much of my disk time, this improves performace and life of my ssd. Top middle of my screenshot is my hard disk led called Floatled On the feedback hub under the 'name' -> "Allow users to see the log/task manager/simple cpu/disk/network activity during 'advanced' windows update installations"