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Joshua Lawrence

2 years ago

Anyone else miss the old windows phones produced by Nokia?

Okay no disrespect is meant towards Microsoft in anyway or form what so ever. Okay now with this statement out of the way, lets move on towards the main focus as this conversation's title states. So anyway yeah I was wondering if anyone else out there was lucky enough to own, or even use any of the original Window Phones, that were created and produced by Nokia? Don't get me wrong, for what few phones I have tried and even seen sold by Microsoft, we still very nice, fun, and well made, however I feel like they took over the phone market a little to soon. In my opinion they should have either waited a few more years, or at the very least came to some sort of agreement that allowed Nokia to continue building phones. The reason I say this, is because of two reasons. The first of if when Nokia was creating the phones, the were offering way better phone specs, features, and sizes on the market with use with prepaid services than Android and Apple, (And to think Apple still hasn't even bothered creating a cheap affordable device for low to mid low income individuals... talk about being all loyal to their Boujee class of peoples. LOL) And the other reason being, that their top of the line model phones, where created with amazing and not to mention most incredible cameras to still ever be found on a cell phone. For examples of what I am talking about, look at both the AT&T Windows Nokia 1020, (the phone had decent memory, was shaped like a small digital camera, and had a back facing camera that took 41megapixal photos), and the AT&T Windows Nokia 1520, (A pretty well design and durable phone that was bigger than the Note 3 and Note 4 which were the best Android Phones at the time. It had a back facing camera with 20 megapixels). *A Little Fun Fact: It is mainly all thanks to Nokia with their creation of Window Phones, that we have the decent size and as good as quality cheap android phones on the market as we do today. So anyway, does anyone else miss them?