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Anne Budd

*Edited a year ago

Artificial Intelligence? Bring it on!

Some people I have spoken with are concerned about the rise and usage of 'artificial intelligence' in their daily lives. The thought of 'connectivity and integration' appears to be the nub of their concerns. I respect these views; however, my own view is very different. Artificial intelligence are algorithms that have intuitive code embedded in the source programs. Nothing really complicated in that. The more we inculcate AI in our computing devices, the more we can utilise 'machine power'. So here is my challenge to Microsoft - bring it on ladies and gentlemen, bring it on - let this community test the AI computing power and even suggest their own ideas on maximising AI on their devices. The recent new build of Windows 10 with the enhancements in assistive technologies are fantastic - it is possible to improve on this current offering. Just my #PoV. As a follow-on to my post, I understand that a vigorous antibiotic has been designed in the United States using AI - so cool 😎 The field and practice of medicine is probably one of the many fields that will benefit using AI. πŸ˜€