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Anne Budd

a year ago

Blue/Green Screens πŸ€” Part Two

Is there any way, I can apply a sound to a blue/green screen to alert me that of the situation. This would be so helpful to the visually impaired person. I have applied sound when I receive a notification - that is very useful. But I think error screens such blue/green warrants something special - like a sound of crashing musical symbols πŸ”Š πŸ””. Something that would immediately grab my attention. On December 28 2019, I experienced a serious interruption of my computer system when Windows was downloading an update. My computer ceased to work and I was unaware of the problem. Being unable to see the screen I inadvertently clicked on an error message which necessitated my having to contact Microsoft that day. I was so fortunate that the engineer on the other end of my link was helpful and very sensitive to my situation. 😊 I ask fellow contributors to take my posting as a serious request for help. The green screen oopsie the other day, heightened my concern. Many thanks and keep well.