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Peter Williams

5 months ago

Booting up

My computer runs Windows 10 pro. It failed to boot up once so I took it to a local repairer. He managed to get it to reboot but left the computer with another problem which he has failed to resolve. On trying to boot up the computer seems to do so OK but within seconds the arrow cursor stalls. The computer is, I believe, fully up-dated. On switching off the computer and re booting everything now works OK. There is a difference in the two rebooting screens. The first ( faulty ) boot up starts with Windows panes and the dots chasing each other for a short time then moves to the admin screen and then to the working screen where you can click on the apps you want to use. Then shortly the cursor goes on strike ( with any mouse ). On rebooting the first screen is identical but much longer lasting, it then moves to a blue screen saying please wait whilst the dots chase around. This screen lasts only a few seconds before the admin screen shows for a short period before changing to the working screen. This all means a much longer boot up period and not being able to leave the computer sleeping as from there it restarts with a cursor going on strike again.. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated but please remember I am a computer ignoramus Thank you.