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4 months ago

Bored? Visit these websites and cure your boredom!

Even browsing can get boring at times, but there are websites that will just keep up your spirits! Internet Arcade: Play classic games online: Console living Room: Retro Console games: Oddee: FInd the odds in our world: Windows 93: Online OS: Weavesilk: Generative art site: Akinator: The genius of the web: Museum of Endangered Sounds: Old School sound generator: People of Walmart: Funny pictures of people of Walmart: Bored Button: Best for your boredom: The Useless Web:Similar to Bored Button: Geek Typer: Fun, unreal hacking: And my favourite: Radio Garden: Scroll around the Globe and listen to live radio stations: ( if you want to listen to another radio station in another country, click and hold your mouse and drag it to any side you wish) Bonus: This community All information from TechGumbo Watch the video: All rights reserved for TechGumbo and their rightful owners