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John S

*Edited a year ago

Browsing using Collections

I just today got around to understanding and actually using Collections. Given the Google way that Microsoft has set up the favorites (I HATE IT) I can see now where this is going to be somewhat useful. When I open Edge I am greeted by my 2 Home Pages, and my favorites bar. On the favorites bar I have my 4 most oft used sites. When I need to use my next favorite sites, (yea, gotta pay them bills) I need to got to Edge Bookmarks and select the page that I want. With Collections, I can open that and select the appropriate collection and simply open the page. For me at least this is much cleaner and faster as I don't have to scroll down to the Bookmark folder, select the page that I want. If someone from Microsoft reads this, my only suggestion would be: When a page is opened from Collections, open it in a new tab. That is all! We will now return you to my regularly scheduled nonsense