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a year ago

Can the Photo's app performance issue be "high severity"?

I was thinking about what was causing my surface pro 7 to have a static issue on the top right of the device, I think this is where the CPU is located, and I had two clues in which caused the device to malfunction with a excessive static and fan issue. -Photos app, this app has severe CPU Drain, it's completely unreasonable for it take 100% of the CPU, and the basic form of the app didn't have this issue, whoever optimized it needs to update it again with strict performance and battery life fixes. I'm thinking this app specifically takes soo much performance, it almost renders the device susceptible to internal damage, with the surface pro 7 the i7 can get quite hot, and such the fan blows. I'm wondering this has something to do with the overall usage -General Bad Motherboard, Some intel motherboards may have a bad CPU, the first one laptop I got had a issue in which a screen test would appear showing the colors RGB, and etc. Soo, is it possible that I can classify the performance of the photo's app, aka the new one as high severity? or is it just intel turbo boost that needs to be somehow turned off?