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Kevin Berno

5 months ago

Changing computers/emails and how it affects Microsoft 365

Here is my scenario. I have a Microsoft 365 account with an email address of I have moved and changed carriers and soon will not have that email address. I also bought a new PC and when I was setting it up, I did so with my new address. My problem is, after doing some reading, it seems I can't just change/link my existing Microsoft 365 to the gmail address because it says it's already in use?? Does that make sense? These Microsoft accounts and 365 accounts seem like a pain to me. My uses are simple, as I don't link or sync devices or anything like that, I just want to be able to simply log into my PC and have access to my 365. It seems every time I turn around they make a change and I end up having issues. Basically I'm concerned that I will get locked out if I try and switch something and lose access to my paid 365 subscription.