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Michael Higham

3 months ago

Common keyboard shortcuts

Here are common keyboard shortcuts that you may be familiar with: ALT+F4 - Close an app ALT+SPACEBAR - Open a menu where you can maximise, minimise, or close an app ALT+TAB - Switch between apps CTRL+C - Copy text/file/folder CTRL+X - Cut text/file/folder CTRL+V - Paste text/file/folder CTRL+B - Enable bold text in a word-processing app CTRL+I - Enable italic text in a word-processing app CTRL+U - Enable underlined text in a word-processing app CTRL+P - Print a document or picture in an app F12 - Save a document in a different name in a word-processing app WINDOWS LOGO+E - Open File Explorer WINDOWS LOGO+TAB - Open Task View for virtual desktops, app switching, and recent documents/websites F11 - Make File Explorer or a web browser go full-screen F1 - Get help for an app F2 - Rename a file/folder CTRL+SHIFT+N - Create a new folder on the desktop or in File Explorer WINDOWS LOGO+L - Lock your PC WINDOWS LOGO+A - Open Action Center WINDOWS LOGO+K - Connect to devices WINDOWS LOGO+I - Open Settings CTRL+Z - Undo an operation on a text/file/folder CTRL+Y - Redo an operation on a text/file/folder WINDOWS LOGO+D - Show or hide the desktop WINDOWS LOGO+U - Open Ease of Access WINDOWS LOGO+R - Open the Run dialog box CTRL+TAB - Move to the next tab CTRL+SHIFT+TAB - Move to a previous tab WINDOWS LOGO+P - Switch between displays WINDOWS LOGO+X - Open the power user menu CTRL+O - Open a file CTRL+S - Save a file CTRL+N - Create a new document CTRL+W - Close a tab/window F5 - Refresh a page/the desktop WINDOWS LOGO+SPACE - Switch between language inputs WINDOWS LOGO+COMMA (,) - Peek through desktop WINDOWS LOGO+S - Search for something WINDOWS LOGO+UP ARROW - Maximise a window WINDOWS LOGO+LEFT ARROW - Snap a window to the left WINDOWS LOGO+RIGHT ARROW - Snap a window to the right WINDOWS LOGO+DOWN ARROW - Unsnap/minimise a window WINDOWS LOGO+PAUSE - Open System Properties CTRL+A - Select all text/files/folders ALT+ENTER - Open the Properties dialog box for a file/folder