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Rhythm Kriplani

6 months ago

Complete Black Screen Everywhere. Even In Safe Mode.

Hello, please help me! I just downloaded a theme from devianart, installed it, then when I clicked on it through windows settings, it said "Please Wait" for a second (default screen when themes are changing) and then just made all my active windows black. Explorer, chrome & Windows Settings was black & suddenly, screen completely turned black with just mouse pointer showing up. Can't use Start, Run or Ctrl+Alt+Del. Couldn't do ANYTHING accept holding the power button for 10 seconds and pressing shift to enter recovery menu (the one with a blue screen and 6 options like troubleshoot, continue and reset) there i ran cmd and tried to uninstall my current theme, but it just showed 3 themes - . , .. and aero. i couldn't find the custom theme name, not a single! (i had multiple downloaded but never applied) I tried system restore point, that failed (i made one before installing the theme) I also tried startup repair, didn't work. FINALLY I tried safe mode, but IT DIDN'T WORK TOO! Just my mouse cursor size increased and black screen was still there, nothing working at all (same as in normal mode). Please help me! All information is above!