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5 months ago

computer viruses not removed with windows defender products

windows 7-8-10: Windows defender does not work well as an antivirus program . I am wondering why MS doesnt tell customers to buy an antivirus program and continue to use it. i found an ISASS.exe in my computer . it took over about 30 percent of the folders. i tried to quaranine it and report it . i couldnt it attacks the security options first and greyed them out so i couldnt submit the problem. i took those computers to BEST BUY STAPLES OFFICE MAX and other private tech services. no one could actually remove the virus. i bought a new hard drvie at BEST BUY.. the computer was there for 3 days. At the store on pick up a hacker started to elongate the scroller button on the scroll bar side. i told the tech the virus was still in my system. they charged me $250 anyway.. said if there was a problem bring it back. i tried four times no one removed it !! NEVER take it out of the store if you see the same issue. I want to know why MS never helps targeted customers get those viruses out and why you dont have a more aggressive program to remove those kind of thnigs. I SASS.exe is not new but Windows defender in 7-8 10 doesnt remove any of it. we are brainwashed not to be concerned about it. thats how you end up buying three more computers cause the original one is over taken and crashed. Also EN US is an african hacking ring not an english based language progrm. PAM TOLL PARK FOREST IL Jan 14 2021