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William Brown

2 years ago


Prior to 2004, I used a Windows-based computer. I was unhappy with Windows because of constant "blue screens of death", hackers planting viruses, etc...When I became a truck driver in 2004, I mainly used a mobile phone and started using Google products. I like their products and they all work seamlessly with each other. Now, I am a full-time Care-Provider for my mother and just purchased a new computer with Windows 10 Pro installed. I decided to give Microsoft apps a try once again because I do like their products. On my PC there are no problems, but on my Android phone, I just can't seem to get Cortana to work hands-free, and with certain apps. I do understand that there is a war between Microsoft, Apple, Google and any other companies that are out there, but, the customer (that would be you and I) should be able to use whatever Assistant we choose to work with any apps that we like and use. Case in point: the Google Assistant comes on automatically when I say "OK Google" (hands-free), and I can set a timer, ask about the weather, play my favorite music in the Google Play app, problem....Today I downloaded Cortana to work with all my apps and I cannot even get it to turn on without tapping the microphone button. I made it my default app, turned on all the permissions, etc...and I am discouraged with Microsoft again. I haven't given up yet, but I had to switch back to the Google Assistant just so I can do the things I need to do hands-free, which comes with a cost of not being able to use some of the Microsoft apps unless done manually. I like Microsoft's To-Do List, but Google Assistant will only open Google's Task app. It just defeats the whole purpose of downloading all of Microsoft's apps if I can't use everything seamlessly. I use Amazon Music now, and neither Assistant will open it. I would really like to use whatever Assistant I choose with the default apps that I select. Now, am I doing something wrong or does this sound about right?