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Michael Higham

4 months ago

Customising Quick Access

Press WINDOWS LOGO + E or click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar and do the following: - If you frequently work in a folder that contains documents or pictures, right-click the folder and then click "Pin to Quick access." Or drag and drop a folder under "Quick access" in the navigation pane. - If you want to remove an item from Quick Access that you don't want to see again, right-click a file and click "Remove from Quick access." It'll no longer show up, even if you use it every day. (You can also unpin folders from Quick Access.) - To see only pinned folders, click "Options" on the "View" tab. Under "Privacy," uncheck both "Show recently used files in Quick access" and "Show frequently used folders in Quick access" and click OK. (If you turn them back on, items that you previously removed from Quick Access might show up again.)