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Drew -

*Edited 2 months ago

Default Web Browser

Again, this is about being able to set the Default Web Browser (DWB) in the OS & the fact that it is mandatory that it be Edge (GA). Point is - I have been using Edge Dev as DWB. And, even though Edge (GA) updated recently, I continue with Dev as DWB. Edge is now 90, BUT there are, still, things in Dev, which BTW is 91, that are, STILL, not in GA. So, even if & when GA updates, one can, STILL, set Dev (or even Canary) as DWB. One is free to set whichever they want as DWB. Canary one can poke at any time for a bit, BUT Dev makes more sense as DWB because things change wkly instead of daily, so it's easier to become & stay 'comfy' with Dev. The rational to having what you prefer to use set as DWB, is likely obvious & intuitive to everyone. Cheers, Drew