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3 months ago

Disappointed in Surface Laptop 3

Have a Surface Laptop 3 (1+ year old) which has the same problems especially Windows Edge browser frequently becoming dormant with a message " Edge is not responding". In addition system seems to degrade over time: sound, light takes longer to take effect, and window gives me the same message and have to reboot to use. Can't really tell if it is Edge or the Computer. Called support multiple times. They run the fixit tool, reset the Windows Edge browser and I'm good for a while and the process begins again. I use to take it to the store but now that's gone. Support has gone from US to foreign country and frankly is getting less than satisfactory. I find this new support crew very unsure. They often have to check with someone else before they do anything. My impression is that Microsoft is degrading also, since the stores are gone. Hate to see that happening. Will not purchase a MS computer next time.