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Ian Cunningham

*Edited a year ago

Disappointed = still blocked for Window 10 2004 May update

Dperessed that only 1 of 5 devices I own has updated to Windows 10 2004. Frustrating that I stil can't even find out what the block reason is. Pathetic that on the conexant sounds cards (my best guess for my thinkpad blocks) that billion dollar corporations (Microsoft and Synaptics [who bought connexant] can't fix a sound driver in more than 2 months (it's 2 months since the block - presumably the problem was already known for the block). Even worse, they can't be bothered to to provide any kind of news since the original text posted onMay 27 - you press the "LearnMore" button on Windows Update and learn nothing at the next to useless dashboard. "Investigating" for 2 months is just sad. I have used Windows for a while - I was present at the UK launch and have never been so disappointed. Ironically, on one ofmy devices I never even use the Conext sound - with proper infomration (liek aconfirmation that this is my blokc) I might risk anupdate and manual disbale - I tried that to see if the block woudlclear on automatic update it didnt workbut with no information provided on the blockI have noidea if it shoudl have worked. [Incindetally,which idiot decided to switch off the WIndows spell check in ths dialog? Here I am in edge,with MS editor running and... As it happens my spelling is pretty good - but my typing is not (motor control) so I rely on underlines to spot the typos.]