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John S

7 months ago

Edge Favorites 3 Concerns - Here We Go Again!

Maybe it's just me and I need to eat some humble pie, maybe it's Edge, and the fact that I'm running Edge Canary, and Edge Regular on my Laptop, I don't know. Concern #1:Lately I've noticed that sites I've brought up that I know are in my favorites are showing in the tool bar that they aren't. When I look in the favorites list using that awful favorite star, yup they're there. This site is a good example of that. When I looked in the what ever it's for "Favorites" folder, it's there also. Anyone have an idea as to why this is happening? Concern #2:Ah! But Wait There's More! I use the Favorites Bar quite heavily. It's pretty simple, or at least it was, right click and add to favorites bar. Nope! not any more! not in my Edge Canary Browser. Haven't checked the regular spread yet, will have to do that. Again any ideas. Concern #3: Does anyone know that if by changing the "Default" flag to "Disable in the Import from Edge Legacy that that may clear up some of the problems, or would that just cause more. I'm really just trying to get my favorite across the devices to match.