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Rajiv K.

*Edited 3 months ago

Every browser is lagging in my win 10 p c.

Hi.. This is Rajiv. I am having a serious issue here while using any browser in my windows 10 p c. Wheather it's Google Chrome which I used to prefer, Edge or Firefox. Every browser is showing a time delay of almost 30 seconds or even more to show up what I type there on search box or on my blog. Because i don't have any technical knowledge so I tried out on help forums like windows, Google, or internet and done a lot of steps to set up this problem like clearing cache and cookies, resetting to default settings, clearing history, updating chrome, uninstalling chrome, Firefox and reinstalling it. Deep disc cleanup, cleaning up even unnecessary system files, and last formatting window and updating it again. I cleaned up even every single app which I installed from internet and even files also. Now my p c is having only default files and apps which came with windows only. Even then I am having this issue and not able to use my p c for any work at all. I even tried a tech expert for this problem but even then nothing is working till now. Please help me in this issue. It will be a great favour to me. Thanks for your concern. Have a good day ahead