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John S

6 months ago

Excel Mobile Keyboards & Laughing @ Myself

It's good to be able to laugh at oneself every once in a while. Here's one on me, Enjoy! Ok, so this may be a little off of the beaten path, but it goes to show how we all can miss something so simple. I won't bother giving you the back story, but I've been working on a spreadsheet for a couple and for the life of me couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work on my Android Microsoft 365, when it worked on my Laptop Microsoft 365, as well as my Kindle Fire Microsoft 365. The formula included in part (if>0,) what was happening was that when I entered a partial # like .50 on either my Fire or Laptop the formula worked just fine, but when I entered it on my Android phone, nope! returned the good 'ole #VALUE error. I was updating the spreadsheet this morning on the mobile, and for some reason or another everything was working as it should? WTH! It was then that I looked and noticed that I was using the numerical keyboard! I switched to the qwerty board, and the problem came back. The reason was right before my coke bottle covered eyes, all this time. What I had been forgetting was the when I tapped the period on the qwerty board it inserted a space before the number, so in essence I was entering . 76 instead of .76 How dumb can I be! Now I can give it them