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Anne Budd

a year ago

FAO Moderator 😊 Windows 10 Quick Guide (PDF) Feedback #1

Hello What follows, are comments from my two neighbours/friends who read the guide. I preface my comments by indicating that these people are big fans of Windows/Microsoft. 'Most likely we would not read the guide as we are very familiar with Windows'. 'However, as you requested we did read the guide and we think it is very good - we are able to follow the videos and instructions with no trouble whatsoever'. 'We normally flip over to the search engine and ask our question if we get stuck with something - we think this is a better way for us'. 'For visually impaired people, videos will not be that helpful'. 'Keep us in the loop Anne'. 'BTW, we like the new Edge - very fast on our new Surface devices'. So Moderator 😊 - this is the feedback from my friends who are Windows fans πŸ‘. I will leave all the other feedback on this platform as soon as I have received it. Keep well and regards to the Windows Teams 🀩