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John S

*Edited 4 months ago

Foldable vs. Day Runner

I got to thinking this morning about how far we've come with smart phones and laptops, and now foldable phones and soon foldable laptops, since the hay day of things like the Day Runner. Yea! how many of you remember when those were in their hay day. And it's still available too. Back then when you wanted to take a note, you opened your Day Runner and wrote the note. Today, you open your gadget (laptop or phone), open OneNote and write you note with a pen too! Need to jot down an appointment or see if you're busy? Open your gadget, open Outlook and look at your calendar. Need to make a new appointment or shuffle some around? Grab you pen and write it down in Outlook. Other than the obvious that everything now lives in the cloud and is sharable, have we really come that far?