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Alfred Buonaguro

a year ago

Frequent Buffering of Audio Streaming in Browser Window

Just bought a new Dell Windows 10 desktop. I often open a browser tab for a radio station and select "listen live" to start audio streaming. If the streaming occurs in a new browser tab, the stream will stop every 10 minutes or so and then start up again. Even more annoying, if several other browser tabs with streaming are open, but not steaming, all the audio streams start playing simultaneously! I have to then shut down the unwanted streams. Interestingly, if the audio is streaming in the background, whatever window I'm working with when this happens also stops and indicates "no internet." I have 100Mbs Fios so it's not a bandwidth issue and I do this all the time in the Windows 7 computer with no issue. So it is a Windows 10 problem. This problem does not occur if the streaming occurs in a new window and NOT in a new browser tab. Is there a buffering problem in Windows 10? How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.