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John S

9 months ago

Friends Email Problem

I have a friend in the "Bible Thumpin" South that I get email from. Lately though I've been getting emails from her name but with a totally fictitious email address. I alerted her to the problem and she said that she would get with her tech people down there an have them look into it. Last week, I got another one, but this one was to me at an email address that I only used for less than a month when I first when on Facebook to get info on out upcoming class reunion. It was an oops moment using that email address and I changed it within a short time. That was telling me that whoever is spoofing her if using her Facebook account friends. Agree? I again alerted her. Received an email back and she replied that her HP guys couldn't tell her why that was happening, and that no one else had said anything. She's running Windows 10 and has her email "Light bulb" going off... She needs to call Yahoo or Verizon not HP! So besides the usual virus scans yadda yadda. Anything else I can have check.... More minds are better than one. Thanks All