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*Edited a year ago

Generic Vs OEM Display Driver? Which one is better?

Hi there, As we know driver software is the essential part of our windows 10 os. And windows developer team countineous try to improve this for better experienc. I noticed that most of the important driver software update automatically vai windows 10 updater. But sometimes I noticed few of driver update still delayed. For example: I am using an intel display driver and I installed intel driver support and assistance app for updating my driver manually. So recently I noticed an display driver update pop out, so usually I update it through intel driver support and assist. But updating time I noticed it's a generic display driver and it overright my OEM customised display driver. So after carefully i sucessfully install it. But after that I didn't find any issue or missing any features. So my doubts is which one is better an OEM driver or Generic display driver?