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Mark Leier

2 years ago

Happy about the Surface Duo, unhappy about Android system.

The idea of the Surface Duo is great, The idea of it running Android sucks. I choose to avoid Android/Google/Gmail, et al, when and where ever possible. I don't trust Google at all, and wish to cut ties to them in every way possible. I have chosen to trust Microsoft, this trust does NOT extend to Google. Within the Android operating system(s) I am REQUIRED to have (and use) a Gmail account. Even to download Microsoft apps (Launcher, Edge, Bing, Authenticator). These actions open all access to any of my information, location(s), search histories and any other data that may choose to mine to Google over-lords. I don't trust Google and hoped to use Microsoft as a buffer to their potential evils. The costs, closed system policies, and the guilt by association feelings have a;ways kept my from Apple products. I could never justify Apple when Steve Jobs was alive. Will it be my only choice be to assimilate to the Apple borg, as now guided by Tim Cook? I have never believed that Apple products were worth the costs, fees, and stigma that the brand represents in my mind. I am pleading with Microsoft, to find a better way. As much as I like the concept of the Surface Duo, the Android operating system forces us all toward Google. Who wants that? Please reconsider. What options might I consider, to keep me from accepting all of Google's Crapware and data-mining menace? I ask these things seriously, and don't know what to do.