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Dr. Robotics

a year ago

Has your Bluetooth disappeared after an update?

Windows 10 is by far one of the best operating systems of this age, well, cause it is up to date. But one of the problems I encounter with windows is that it auto-updates, whenever there is internet connectivity. Recently, my PC installed updates and I turned off my Bluetooth. When i tried to find it, the option to turn it on was gone. If this has happened to you, well you're in luck. all you have to do is restart your PC, and before windows loads, Press F8 multiple times until yo get more options on windows. Select restore windows to an earlier point and this will cause your PC to restart, of course after you select restart. once it restarts, System restore window will show, click next and in the next window, select a date you would like to restore your windows. Once you have selected, System restore will warn you that once you begin System restore, you cannot cancel the process. Continue and let Windows restore your PC to the selected time. Do not turn off your PC during system restore at any costs. Doing so may damage your documents or cause your system to Crash