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10 months ago


Yes I'm helping a friend to get her computer virus free I cleared 127 on her computer with malware bytes .I also ran a scan and it found like 1 or problem's I fixed then. The other problem is when she opens a browser 3 browsers pops up and the window of the browsers is like not fully open it show her desk top I maximized it but then it just made it littler. she is running windows 7. she has a lot of things needs done she hasn't done anything in 4 years because she didn't know she need to so I'm fixing her computer. can I update her windows to windows 10? she doesn't have any virus protection so I'm trying today to get her some. I told her if she shuts her computer off nothing can run to protect her. So I'm teaching her to just put it to sleep that way updates can still run plus virus protector can run. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.