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Harold Mason

*Edited 5 months ago

Here's an idea to improve MS Calendar and Reminders

Sharing this idea and hope that others agree it would be helpful. How many times have you said to yourself or a family member or colleague, "On the next warm day, I want to..." Or, "on the next cool day I need to, or, the next time it rains, I need to..." In other words, "To Do" list items are not only date/time relevant, they also have other attributes or triggers such as weather (as one example), or location attributes such as "the next time I'm in Boston I want to...". The could apply to business as well as personal items. This feature would bring the next level of intelligence and personalization to calendar and reminder apps. It's only a question of time as to which vendor introduces it first - and will make users become lovers of their technology/platform. Here is the link to Feedback Hub for for upvoting: Thank you! (And once you implement it, please consider hiring me as well... :-)