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Paul Wade

*Edited 3 months ago

History of Windows Since 1985

I am writing this message as a suggestion to devote a website to the various versions of Windows along with a description of major additions and improvements of one build over its predecessor from the original Windows (release date 11.20.85) up to and including Windows 10 (release date 07.29.15).

A lot of changes have happened since Windows first appeared in 1985 and from time to time I will think about the evolution of and the countless changes to the program that single handedly revolutionized personal computing as we know it today. Just the change in size of programming code from way back then to now is mind boggling! I remember getting a new computer with a 60 MB (Yep, MB) hard drive and how I was envied by co-workers. We thought a 60 MB storage drive would be more than enough to meet any future needs. Nowadays, some office documents and many stand alone apps are that size and greater.

Microsoft has every reason to brag on its accomplishments and contributions to the tech industry in just over 30 years. Displaying these events would not only be of historical importance but perhaps an educational tool as well. A virtual tour and perhaps enabling online access to functional prior operating systems would be interesting to young and old (Yes, I'm on the "old" side).

Anyway, you folks are more than talented to come up with the best way to exhibit this idea to share with the world. Maybe its been discussed before but if not I just wanted to encourage a thought process to consider its viability. It could also be an excellent tool to market Microsoft into future generations.

In any event, congratulations to Microsoft and its employees for past accomplishments and best wishes for continued success! Thank you for your consideration in this matter, your time and talent! God bless all of you and yours, and bye for now, Paul


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