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ca le

6 months ago

Home Network Issues

My home network, Wi-Fi based, lacks stability in that it often fails to present in File Explorer networked PCs I intend to access. When this happens, I have to leave the computer I am using to go to the target PC to perform what's needed. It's really a problem of inconsistency ("now you see me, now you don't"). Each PC is setup on the network by simply entering the password for AT&T gateway/modem, without creating any kind of homegroup or workgroup, etc., etc. Where am I going wrong? Is there a tried and true home network setup method that I can use to avoid this annoyance? Any help this community can provide would be greatly appreciated. By way of background, let me say this: System: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit Connectivity: Wi-Fi Number of Pcs: 6 Thanks. ca le