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Vern Leach

2 months ago

How can MS Surface Duo help a person with Adult ADHD?

Accessibility & Benefit; Surface Duo for Adult ADHD person: .. ADHD is a personal difference and disability recognized by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). ADHD from childhood often carries into adulthood, with various potential symptom changes for each person as they age. As an example, the Hyperactivity component of ADHD may decrease somewhat while Attention Deficit remains a continual serious problem. In such as case, the adult medical diagnosis may evolve to ADHD - Inattentive Type. The "Inattentive Type" designation highlights the primacy of the "Attention Deficit" issues over Hyperactivity. .. Many advertisements and future projections show ever ubiquitous technology helping people be organized, remember everything, meet deadlines, having information at the fingertip and generally be a superstar at work and home (some exaggeration maybe, but not much). The person with ADHD would settle for some of this today. A roadblock lies in the circle of new technology assessment, purchase, learning, making application and actual realization of the benefit. Obviously requiring attention to reach implementation and true benefit, the ADHD person can experience frustration before any realization benefit; or before purchase for that matter. .. Surface Duo could be ever ubiquitous, carried constantly like any phone. It could provide more screen space for use and clarity. With earbuds it could provide private audio queues and information. But the real problem Did Not Change. What helps the roadblock of knowing it will not be a waste of money? What provides the realization of actual benefit, beyond just making a phone call, snapping a pic, and searching the web (we can do that with a much cheaper phone). .. ADHD related issues are also exacerbated with age, amplifying the challenges and putting realization of benefit that much further out of reach. If the Surface Due is a benefit, show people how, precisely with detail; otherwise it is only another expensive phone.