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Jonas - Swedish Goth

*Edited a year ago

How do I stop this page from opening a new tab?

Hi I have Win 10 and Dragon Chrome browser. All my setting are set to: DONT OPEN ANY NEW TABS WHEN I CLICK LINKS! In Win 10 - Internet settings. It is set to "Dont open a new tab/page when I click links". Every time I click on any link here, it opens in a new tab. Even, in my Microsoft account, doesnt do that. I have a google Extention that prohibits any link or command to open a NEW tab. I need to right click and open link in a new window, if I dont want to go to the link in the same windows. HOW are you forcing my system to open a new tab every time I click a link here? The logs says nothing, and developer tool shows no java/JSON hidden activation. How do I turn off, so I can click links in the community, and use the same tab/window? Its getting annying to remove tabs all the time when browsing and posting here. Thanks --Jonas - The Swedish Goth