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2 years ago

How Do You Learn About Windows 10 Best?

Hello all, I have a genuine question that has no right or wrong answer. How would you learn to use your computer better? It doesn't matter the device, the operating system, or how long you've had it. Simply put, everyone learns differently and at their own pace, what format or style of learning works best for you? I'm a Microsoft trainer and have been providing computer training at all levels for years. As much as I love the job security of being needed... the ultimate goal is to make Windows 10 easy to use and navigate without support. So, do you learn best from step-by-step instructions in a clickable demo?Perhaps that's too time consuming and you'd prefer a quick notification with basic instructions? Do we appreciate links to support pages or pop-up instructions? Has the time finally come to bring back everyone's favorite digital assistant Clippy? What do you perceive as helpful versus intrusive? So please, take a second to sound off and thank you for your feedback!