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7 months ago

How many people actually πŸ‘ πŸ–‹ over πŸ–Šβ“ (Translate pls)

This is πŸ‘Œ for most πŸ§‘ and is only 😡and πŸ˜• for most occasions, and because of πŸ–Š we can πŸ’₯ the 🎚 of 😎 for the questionable πŸ“± πŸ‘€. But the πŸ–‹ has great πŸŽ†and can do πŸ˜‹ things, and because of how we πŸ“ πŸ–Ό with it. Ok, so here is a challenge, try to translate this within 30 seconds or the world will end in leetspeak. The reason why I am doing this is to question why πŸ–Š and πŸ–‹ look terrible on this site, Why is this different from Windows 10 design U.I. and the site displays something different. And yes, this is to Productivy category, Learning on how to use Windows to be more productive.