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*Edited 9 months ago

How secure is your computer?

Hello there amazing people. I just wanted to ask, what applications are you using to protect your computer. This can be, Antivirus software, ADBlockers, Cleaners, Download managers etc. I just want to see how everyone is protecting their Computers in their own way :'') Also, could you rate your computer protection from 1 to 10 (as 1 not secured at all, 10 being the best possible) If I had to asnwer I would give my self a pretty solid nine, as I am using BitDefender Total Security, ADGuard, Brave Browser (with Tor when needed), VPN and Free download manager, and most importnantly. Common sense 😁 As I said all I want is to see how diferent people portect their computers, as in my opinion this is extremely importnat. Keep your self, your computer and your accounts safe at all cost :) Wish you all an amazing summer πŸ™Œ