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Harold Thomas

*Edited a year ago

How to Create a Shortcut on the Desktop.

Sometime we come across articles or sites online that we want to be able to have instant access to without having to open the browser. There is a very simple solution to doing this, it' called creating a new Shortcut. The first thing you have to do is copy the link you want to use (Highlight the address in the address bar of your browser and then right click to copy address to clipboard.) and then go to your desktop. Now Right Click on your desktop and click on New and then Shortcut. A window will open up asking "Type the location of the Item". Right click on this box and then click on paste. Once you have done this click on next and give your Short Cut a name. Click Finish and Viola! You now have a shortcut on your desktop give you instant access to the webpage. You can also use this to create Shortcuts to documents, videos, Etc. See what you can come up with and leave a comment here!