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Harold Thomas

a year ago

How to create your own Toolbar.

Toolbar is an excellent way to quickly access your files and documents without having to open File Explorer. All you have to do is Right Click on the Task Bar. Once the Menu opens up simply click on Toolbars. Now click on New Toolbar. A File Explorer window opens up. Where it says Folder: Simply Click on the Folder you want to have quick access to. For example; I have a huge collection of documents that I use routinely on my computer. I want to be able to quickly access them without having to waste a lot of time finding the file I need. All I have to do is make a Toolbar named Documents. Now all I have to do is click on Documents on the task bar and I can see all the documents in my Documents Folder and simply click on the one I want to open it up. Hope this helps to make your day a little bit better.