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Michael Wiggs

a year ago

How to move 40 GB's from the D drive to C drive that is ful

Hi, my name is Michael. I am a simple-minded auditor with shallow computer skills. I have a 2016 HP laptop with windows 10 Pro and 120 GB C drive that if full. Now I cannot update or add programs. I have a D drive with 650 GB's of free space. How can I move free formatted GB's from the D drive to the C drive. I found one you-tube video that used "shrinking volume" to move the GB's but the confusing instructions were incomplete!!! The step by step procedures on the video did not match the step by step windows procedures on my laptop. Can anyone help me make the right moves so I don't end-up in the deep end of the pool. Video procedures: Open File folder Select this PC C drive and right click Select computer then open Select Disk management right click Select D drive right click Select Shrink Volume open Enter number of MG.s to shrink Select shrink Now shows unallocated GB's But THIS IS WHERE I GET CONFUSED ABOUT HOW TO PROCEED OR IF THIS WILL ACTUALLY WORK ON MY LAPTOP. ANY ADIVCE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED